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How To Heal Our Community

October 20th - 7:30 - 9:00pm

Seeking ideas on ways to ease the divisiveness, mistrust, and animosity in the community, and how the community can unite to find solutions to local issues like drug abuse, homelessness, and economic stagnation.


Project Organizers


Stephen Warning - Retired Cowlitz Superior Court Judge


Alan Rose - Author & Retired CAP Director of Community Relations


Andre Stepankowsky - Retired Longview Daily News Editor


Richard Green - Retired Episcopal Priest


George Raiter - Former Cowlitz County Commissioner


Michael Strayer - Retired LCC Psychology Faculty

The Effects of Local Drug Abuse & Addiction

This forth forum will focus on sharing diverse viewpoints about DRUG  ABUSE & ADDICTION. Local drug, medical and legal professionals will address issues related to drug abuse, addiction, crime, mental health,      with a focus on drug legalization and decriminalization.

SURVEY: Click here to take a short survey about drug legalization & decriminalization.

Panel Members

Brad Thurman — Cowlitz County Sheriff
Dallas Delagrange — Tribal Drug Council 
Alison Holcomb — ACLU American Civil Liberties Union

Jeb Bolerjack — Medication Assisted Treatment RN & LCC Adjunct Faculy

Panel Moderator

Stephen Warning — Retired Cowlitz Superior Court Judge


September 22nd - 7:30 - 9:00pm

Local housing advocates, business and city leaders will discuss      issues concerning local homelessness.

Panel Members:

Jo Brewer — Housing advocate
Niki Favela — Catlin Properties Manager
Ha’im Sharif — Love Overwhelming Counselor

Joseph Govednik — Secretary Downtown Kelso Business Assoc.

Panel Moderator

Stephen Warning — Retired Cowlitz Superior Court Judge

LCC Faculty Resource

Michael Strayer — Psychology & Social Science Instructor​ (retired)

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September 8th - 7:30 - 9:00pm

Local economy representatives will address the tensions between the economy and developing jobs and safeguarding the environment.

Panel Members:

Ted Sprague — Economic Development Council
Mike Bridges — Local union Leader & Head of the Kelso Longview                                             Construction Trades
Robert Sudar — Fishing Industries Advocate
Suzanne Donaldson — Cowlitz Tribal Council Member​

Panel Moderator

Stephen Warning — Retired Cowlitz Superior Court Judge

LCC Faculty Resource

Louis LaPierre — Biology & Environmental Science Instructor​

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Civil Discourse in Uncivil Times

- August 18th - 7:30 - 9:00pm

Local political representatives will address the nature of political polarization, its causes and how it can be overcome at a local level.​

Panel Members

Ann Rivers — Republican State Senator
Dean Takko — former Democratic State Senator
Jerry Cooper — Deputy Cowlitz County Republican Chair 
Jim Young — Deputy Chair of the Cowlitz Democratic Party​

  • Panel Moderator  - Stephen Warning, Retired Cowlitz Superior Court Judge

  • LCC  Faculty Resource - Alex Brehm — Communication Studies Instructor

  • LCC Faculty Resource - Joanna Mosser — Political Science Instructor​

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